Our Top 20 Favorites of 2020-2021

Welcome back!

For this week’s post, we wanted to share some of our favorite products from the past year with you. Beside each item name, we’ve left a link so that you are able to easily shop for them on our retail website and read more in depth descriptions of the ingredients in each of these products.

So, without further ado, here are our top 20 favorite products from 2020-2021! Enjoy!




1. Moisturizer 2 – Me By Feme: https://mebyfeme.com/catalog/mebyfeme/moisturizer/moisturizer-2-76
2. Watercress Hydration Cascade Gelee Moisturizer – Farmhouse Fresh: https://mebyfeme.com/catalog/the-cottage-greenhouse-2/watercress-hydration-cascade-gelee-moisturizer
3. Broad Spectrum SPF 30 – Hale & Hush: https://mebyfeme.com/catalog/hale-hush/broad-spectrum-spf-30
4. Three Milk Ageless Sleep Cream – Farmhouse Fresh: https://mebyfeme.com/catalog/the-cottage-greenhouse-2/three-milk-ageless-sleep-cream
5. Vital Lipid Lotion – Hale & Hush: https://mebyfeme.com/catalog/hale-hush/vital-lipid-lotion
6. Kai Body Glow – Kai Fragrance: https://mebyfeme.com/catalog/kai/kai-rose-copy/kai-body-glow


7. Serum 4 – Me By Feme: https://mebyfeme.com/catalog/mebyfeme/serum/serum-4-75
8. Brilliant Eye & Lip Serum – Hale & Hush: https://mebyfeme.com/catalog/hale-hush/brilliant-eye-lip-serum
9. One Fine Day Facial Polish – Farmhouse Fresh: https://mebyfeme.com/catalog/the-cottage-greenhouse-2/one-fine-day


10. Green Tea Milk Wash – Farmhouse Fresh: https://mebyfeme.com/catalog/the-cottage-greenhouse-2/green-tea-milk-wash
11. Quiet Wash – Hale & Hush: https://mebyfeme.com/catalog/hale-hush/quiet-wash
12. Illuminating Cleanser – Me By Feme: https://mebyfeme.com/catalog/mebyfeme/cleanser/illuminating-cleanser-225


13. Kai*rose Body Lotion – Kai Fragrance: https://mebyfeme.com/catalog/kai/kai-rose/kai-rose-body-lotion
14. Blissed Moon Dip Body Mousse – Farmhouse Fresh: https://mebyfeme.com/catalog/the-cottage-greenhouse-2/blissed-moon-dip
15. Serene Moon Dip Body Mousse – Farmhouse Fresh: https://mebyfeme.com/catalog/the-cottage-greenhouse-2/serene-moon-dip
16. Hand Healer – Jack Black: https://mebyfeme.com/catalog/jack-black/body/industrial-strength-hand-healer
17. Dead Sexy Parfum – Tokyo Milk: https://mebyfeme.com/catalog/tokyomilk/dead-sexy-parfum


18. Impeccable Skin – Suntegrity: https://mebyfeme.com/catalog/suntegrity/suntegrity-impeccable-skin-moisturizing-face-sunscreen-mineral-matte-tinted-coverage
19. Powder Me SPF – Jane Iredale: https://mebyfeme.com/catalog/janeiredale/face-makeup/mineral-foundation/powder-me-spf-dry-sunscreen
20. Beyond Matte Lip Fixation – Jane Iredale: https://mebyfeme.com/catalog/janeiredale/lips/lip-color/beyond-matte-lip-fixation

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