What is a microcurrent?: new Myolift treatment

What is a microcurrent?: new Myolift treatment

Microcurrents in the beauty industry are a buzz! Taking a more holistic approach to toning and lifting the muscles on the face, versus Botox and injections, microcurrents are quickly becoming a sought-out treatment for those who want to skip aggressive anti-aging methods used at a med-spa. The buzz is all in the devices used during treatments in the aesthetics world and the one we’ll be focusing on is the Myolift mini.

We already use a form of microcurrent in the treatment room for individuals who aren’t contraindicated. It’s called the Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber and it is a small handheld device that uses a light microcurrent to exfoliate, extract, tone, and help products penetrate the skin at a deeper level. The Myolift mini takes it a bit farther by giving us the ability to use a stronger current to noticeably help reduce wrinkles and help heal acne.

So how does the Myolift mini work? Well, it is a low-level electrical current (less than one milliampere) used to stimulate facial muscles and to increase the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), collagen, and elastin for facial toning and rejuvenation. It uses gentle impulses (that feel like a tingle) to lift, firm, and tighten the skin while also repairing the tissues, improving circulation, and improving skin’s texture. For clients with acne the microcurrent destroys bacteria and promotes healing to help with scarring. The treatment is non-invasive and requires no downtime!

The treatment consists of a cleansing of the skin, a hydration mask, the microcurrent device on the face (or affected areas of concentration) and finishing products. Attached to the device are two probes and they are manually guided methodically over muscle structures on the face. We recommend a series of recurring appointments in order to see the best results. This treatment can be used all over the face and neck or on specific areas of concern as an add-on for any facial.

We recommend clients who are pregnant, have had heart surgery within the past year, have a pacemaker/metal implants or screws, recent facial operation or procedure, cancer, epilepsy, diabetes, heart condition, have recently used Retin-A within three weeks prior to appointment date, or are under the age of 18 to not seek out this treatment. Doing so could put your health at risk and we want to make sure that we are always providing a safe and ethically conscious service.


The esti team did a trial run to investigate the results for this device. The great news is that we, including our clients, saw immediate results! Images from the trial are shown below.

Feedback from the trial:

Client #1: “I definitely saw a difference and really enjoyed the service! I NEED to know when it’ll officially be on the menu because I would love to keep up with it!”

Client #2: “I noticed the biggest change in the area between my eyes and the center of my forehead. The skin was much smoother and the wrinkles less noticeable. I would do this treatment as a booster to injections – a way to lengthen the benefits of injections so that you don’t have to do them as often.”


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